Toyota Motor, following Honda, said production would be disrupted at a number of plants in North America next week due to severe weather conditions.

The bad weather has already affected a number of automaker in the US, mainly by disrupting supply chains, which has compounded the existing problems caused by the global semiconductor shortages.

Vehicle manufacturers around the world are currently struggling with a shortage of microprocessors after the global IT industry diverted capacity last year to meet growing demand for consumer electronics.

Toyota said bad weather had reduced supplies of petrochemical products which was affecting production at its plants in the US and Mexico. The company confirmed some production lines, and in some cases entire plants, in Kentucky and West Virginia, and in Mexico, would be suspended for several days due to component shortages.

Honda confirmed earlier it would suspend production at plants throughout the US and Canada next week, citing shortages and other supply chain disruption caused by severe winter weather. Its US plants located in Ohio, Indiana, Alabama, as well as in Canada, would be shut down for up to a week.

The company has 12 manufacturing plants in the US and one in Canada, which produced 1.45m vehicles last year – down 20% on 2019 volume.