Toyota has shown its latest Prius model ahead of the Series Parallel Hybrid (HEV) launch in winter this year and Plug-in Hybrid (PHEV) launch in spring 2023.

The Toyota Prius was first launched in 1997 as the world’s first mass-produced hybrid car. The model’s second generation introduced the Prius’ distinctive monoform silhouette for the first time.

The third generation Prius introduced a larger capacity 1.8-litre engine and more efficient hybrid system. With the fourth generation, the Prius used the Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) platform for the first time to deliver improved environmental performance and an evolved driving experience.

Total cumulative sales of the Prius worldwide have reached about 5.05 million units according to Toyota.

The company says the development team decided to start from scratch and look at what the Prius needs to remain popular for the next 25 years.

Following Japan, the new Prius will be launched in North America, Europe, and other countries around the world. It will also be offered in Japan through the KINTO car subscription service.