Toyota Motor said its global vehicle sales, including Lexus, Daihatsu and Hino, fell by 22.6% to 779,151 units in March 2020 due to the global COVID-19 pandemic.

First quarter 2020 sales were down by 11% at 2,316,925 units while, in the fiscal year ending 31 March 2020, sales were down 1.4% to 10,456,593 units.

Sales of Toyota and Lexus combined fell by almost 24% to 681,510 units last month while first quarter 2020 sales declined by 10.7% yo 2,064,989 units and fiscal 2019/2020 sales were just 0.9% lower at 9,465,868 units.

Daihatsu reported a 10.7% drop in global sales to 70,940 units in March while first quarter sales were down by 11.5% to 173,494 units and fiscal year sales were 4.9% lower at 810,423 units.

Hino sales fell 24% to 15,697 units last month and by 19.7% to 39,046 units in the first quarter, while fiscal year sales were 11.2% lower at 180,302 units.

While vehicle assembly plants in China resumed operations in March, factories in many parts of Europe, the US, Latin America and Asia remained closed, in line with government national government guidelines and falling demand with showroom activity plunging in all regions.

Sales in North America fell 37% to 155,552 units in March while in Latin America sales were down by 47.1% at 18,451 units, Europe 90,342 units (-13.1%), Asia excluding Japan 171,028 (-30.4%), Japan 179,806 units (-3.8%), Middle-East 30,722 units (-18.3%), Oceania including Australia and New Zealand 20,360 (-1.8%) and Africa 14,875 units (-13.6%).