Toyota Motor’s global vehicle production increased by just over 13% year on year to 897,003 units in July, with the rebound from last year slowing sharply due to the coronavirus pandemic and the global shortage of semiconductors.

July was the 11th straight month of output growth for Japan’s leading automaker but growth was sharply down from the year on year rebound in June. The data covered group brands including Lexus, Daihatsu and Hino.

Overseas production rose by 11% to 494,385 units in July while domestic output rose by 15.7% to 402,618 units.

Global group sales increased by 13.3% to 930,925 units, with sales in Japan up by just 2.7% at 194,583 units while overseas sales rose by 16.5% to 736,342 units, led by a 30.5% jump in deliveries in North American to 260,000 units while sales in China were up by just 2.8% at 170,000 units.

Earlier this month, the automaker said it expected to cut production by up to 40% to 500,000 units in September from its planned 900,000 units due to the global shortage of semiconductors.