New government subisidies will boost the number of Toyota Mirai hydrogen fuel cell cars in public and private sector fleets in the UK to 20 and see the number of specialist service support centres increased.

Toyota GB said 12 additional Mirai hydrogen fuel cell cars will be trialled by fleets including the Science Museum, Aberdeen City Council and Arval. They are among fleet operators sharing GBP2m to spend on new FCVs and vans. The new vehicles should be in service by April next year.

The UK government has promised a GBP600m subsidy to promote ultra-low emission vehicles by 2020.

New support centres are opening in London, Swindon, Sheffield, Swansea and Aberdeen as part of the national H2 [hydrogen] infrastructure network plan.

ITM Power's new public hydrogen refuelling station at the Centre of Engineering and Manufacturing Excellence (CEME) in Rainham, east London, is on a site shared with a Toyota technical training centre for hydrogen vehicles.

The station is the second in the UK to make hydrogen on-site from solar energy and follows the opening of a wind-powered station in Rotherham. It is the sixth facility from the European HyFive project, funded by the European Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (FCHJU) and the Office of Low emission Vehicles (OLEV).