Automotive brands accounted for 16 of Interbrand's most valuable brands list for 2018 though Apple, Google, and Amazon were the top three.

Toyota (US$53,404m) and Mercedes-Benz ($48,601m) placed seventh and eighth. Apple and Google held the top positions for the sixth consecutive year.

Apple's brand value grew 16% to $214,480m, and Google's by 10% to $155,506m. Amazon achieved 56% growth and was the third brand to achieve a $100bn dollar brand valuation ($100,764m), as well as the top performer among 28 brands with double-digit percentage growth.

Following Microsoft at #4 ($92,715m), were Coca-Cola ($66,341m), Samsung ($59,890m), while Toyota and Mercedes were ahead of Facebook ($45,168m) and McDonald's ($43,417m).

This year, the list features two new entrants and three re-entrants. Spotify joined at #92 ($5,176m), and Subaru at #100 ($4,214m) for the first time.

Chanel re-entered at #23 ($20,005m, last on in 2009). Hennessy also returned at #98 ($4,722, last on in 2009), and Nintendo at #99 ($4,696m, last on in 2014).

"A decade after the global financial crisis, the brands that are growing fastest are those that intuitively understand their customers and make brave iconic moves that delight and deliver in new ways," said Charles Trevail, global chief executive officer of Interbrand.

Christian Purser, CEO, Interbrand London, added: "Leading brands are more customer obsessed than ever, bringing the voice of the customer into every aspect of their business, making bold moves and taking calculated risks based on customer understanding. The fastest growing brands across the last five years of the study are typically the most relevant to people's lives and the most responsive to their changing needs."

The five top growing brands included Amazon (56% growth) 2017 new entrant Netflix (45%), Gucci (30%), 2017 new entrant (23%), and Louis Vuitton (23%). After five years as the top growing brand, Facebook declined 6%.

More than half of the best global brands came from five sectors: automotive (16), technology (13), financial services (12), luxury (9), and fast moving consumer goods (9).

Luxury was the new top growing sector in percentage terms (42%), replacing retail, which continued impressive growth at second (36%). Electronics was third (20%), sporting goods fourth (13%) and financial services (10%) fifth.