Toray Industries has opened its Automotive Centre Europe (AMCEU), in Munich.

The facility will serve as technological development base of Toray Group to expand its Green Innovation (GR) Business in Europe.

Toray has been developing new products and businesses through materials and technologies based on its four core technologies (organic synthetic chemistry, polymer chemistry, biotechnology, nanotechnology).

Toray is also engaged in business activities spread across various fields such as fibres, resins, chemicals, films, carbon fibre and water treatment in Europe with 21 bases in nine countries.

The company established the Automotive Material Strategic Planning Department, which functions as the contact office for the company in 2006, and in 2008 set up the Automotive Centre in Nagoya as a technical support.

These two have a cross-functional set-up across technological, sales and research departments within the entire Group and affiliated companies.

The newly opened AMCEU is now providing Toray’s cross-functional support to automotive OEMs and suppliers in the area Western Europe.