Mitsubishi has been waiting a while for new models and, like London buses, it looks as if they are all going to come at once.

Lance Bradley, managing director of Mitsubishi UK, said at the Tokyo show the company will be introducing the ASX plug-in hybrid, a new Outlander and the new global small car built in Thailand – the Mirage – from early 2013.

Bradley said: “The small car could be very important for us, we have already been negotiating the pricing with the factory and so this is a good opportunity.”

He added Mitsubishi is working hard in the UK to tone down its image of big four wheel drive models and sports cars such as the Evo.

“These are great cars to have but we also have to note that our customers, and potential customers, are more environmentally aware. We are working with our dealers to get the message across, even telling customers that, at our factory in Holland, the lights are turned off – the cars are built by robots and they don’t need light to work in.”

In another environmental move, the plant has done away with its lawn mowers and is relying on sheep to keep the grass down.

“There is actually a shepherd on the payroll at the factory,” he said.

“Our vehicle emissions, even on the big 4x4s, are coming down and the company is moving towards having an electric or hybrid version of every one of its cars, possibly the first manufacturer to do this.”