General Motors’ exclusive importer of US-built models is reducing the European sales target for Cadillac, Corvette and Chevrolet.

“We will sell 5,500 to 6,000 units of these three brands this year,” Kroymans Corp CEO Ton van Soest told Automotive News Europe. “Our goal of 7,000 was too optimistic.”

In 2004, 4,820 units of the US-built GM cars were sold. Van Soest said unit sales of the brands have been hurt because none offers a diesel engine, a must in Europe where half of new cars sold have such a powertrain.

The European-built Cadillac BLS will be the first of the three brands to get a diesel engine, but it doesn’t arrive until April 2006.

Another factor hampering the brands’ sales has been the phase out of some US-built Chevrolet models, van Soest said.