TMT (Toyota Motor Thailand) has placed a preview clip of the next generation Hilux on YouTube ahead of the new truck’s global debut on 21 May.

This replacement for a model which is now eleven years old will use an evolution of the IMV architecture. That means a body-on-frame/separate chassis with rear- and/or four-wheel drive. 

A Toyota source has told that there will be two versions of the eighth generation Hilux. The Thai-built ‘Revo’ model will be mainly aimed at lower income markets, but Australia and New Zealand should be two exceptions to this rule. The HiLux (local spelling) is one of Toyota Australia’s best selling vehicles so the local importer will want to get it hands on the new model as quickly as possible.

Trucks for European markets will not arrive before 2016. The delay may well be due to the possibility of a Euro 6-compliant BMW 2.0-litre diesel engine being fitted to the vehicle but this is yet to be confirmed. In Asia, Oceana and South America, the Hilux will be powered by Toyota’s own petrol and diesel engines.

The new pick-up should eventually be manufactured or assembled at the same plants as the current model:

  • Samrong (Thailand)
  • Ban Pho (Thailand)
  • Tahara (Japan)
  • Zaraté (Argentina)
  • Ovar (Portugal)