will launch the 1.8-litre Almera in Thailand on June 7 to do battle with Toyota’s
recently-launched Corolla Altis.

AutoAsia Online said that the Almera ‘SX’ and ‘Young’ versions,
with three-year, 100,000km (60,000 mile) warranty, cost Bt840,000 (US$18,500)
and Bt855,000 (US$18,850) respectively, undercutting the top-specification Altis
by around US$2,700.

has reported strong early demand for the Corolla Altis which covers a wider
market span at Bt738,000 (US$16,260) for the 1.6-litre base model up to Bt978,000
(US$21,550) for the top-grade 1.8-litre version.

The company markets the Altis as ‘a mini Lexus’ in terms of build
quality and equipment, AutoAsia Online said.

Siam Motors and Nissan Sales Co. president Phornthep Phornprapha said that
Toyota’s decision to pack the Altis with technology and raise its price may
be a mistake.

"Even though the competition may have new technologies, this increases
the cost of the car to a level that it becomes difficult for the consumer to
accept," he told AutoAsia Online.

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