The Bangkok Post reports that in a bid to increase sales and brand awareness, Toyota Motor Thailand has appointed a new team and organisation to handle sales of its Lexus cars in Thailand.

The report says that the new division is called Lexus Group and is in line with a new policy to boost the Lexus brandname in Asia.

Although Lexus is not intending to become a top player in the executive and luxury car segment in the near future, the report says it wants to seize lost sales opportunities in the “grey” market.

The Bangkok Post points out that independent importers have enjoyed considerable success with Lexus models badged as Toyota which are usually sold only in Japan.

The report adds that Lexus is hoping to sell 150 units this year, representing around 1% of the luxury car market. Next year the target is 300 units.

Citing executives at Toyota Motor Thailand as source, the newspaper report suggests that there will be no major increase in the number of Lexus outlets, but that the company will aim to create a small number of big dealerships able to cope with the higher volume.