The Thai News Service reports that Honda may increase production capacity above previous plans in recognition of the good reception that Thai-made exports have had in Japan.

According to the report, Asian Honda Motors chief executive officer Satoshi Toshida said that production at the company’s plant in Ayudhya province may be doubled from the present 70,000 units a year rather than increased to 120,000 units as was announced in December.

Toshida described the reception of Honda’s small car – Fit – in Japan as “overwhelming. The current production may not be enough. We need to speed up a bit to meet the delivery schedule.”

The car, called the City in Thailand and the Fit Aria in Japan, is the first model that Honda has exported from Thailand to Japan. Last month Honda received 3,000 orders for the car, 1,000 more than the target.

“If the order increases sharply then exports from Thailand will also go up. We expect to export 50,000 units this year with 24,000 units going to Japan,” Toshida said.

Adisak Rohitasune, Asian Honda’s vice president, said of the 50,000 units to be exported this year, 50 percent will be going to Japan, 10 percent to the Middle East and the rest to other Asian countries and Australia. Currently the City makes up 40 percent of the output from Honda’s plant, followed by the Civic with 25 percent, CRV with 20 percent, and the Accord with 15 percent.