Fiat.gif” width=”130″ height=”50″ align=”left” vspace=”2″ hspace=”2″>The
General Motors-Fiat alliance will soon see GM’s new Rayong Zafira minivan plant
in Thailand assembling the Alfa Romeo 156 for Asia-Pacific markets, industry sources

deal will give Fiat relatively easy access to local production facilities for
the many markets in the region still protected by various measures to encourage
local assembly. It will also boost Rayong’s capacity utilisation, the sources

Rayong was opened in 1999 to make 130,000 vehicles a year. It is expected to
produce 75,000 Opel-designed Zafira minivans for GM’s Asia-Pacific affiliates
in 2001 and is due to start building 40,000 Isuzu-designed pickups per year
from the middle of 2003.

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