Car output in Thailand is projected to fall by 20% next year by the Federation of Thai Industry (FTI).

Thai vehicle production is estimated to reach 1.4m units in 2008.

Some forecasters believe Thai output next year could be nearer 1m units.
The FTI projection follows a slump in car sales in Thailand. They fell 20% in November, the sixth consecutive month of decline and the steepest of the year.
However, global market concerns, rather than domestic concerns, are cited as the main factor behind moves by manufacturers to cut output.
Toyota Motor Thailand (TMT) recently said it is considering postponing new investments in the country in response to falling worldwide vehicle sales.
The Thai economy is said by analysts to be in for a very rough ride next year, as manufacturers announce production cutbacks amid falling orders and as the tourism sector prepares for a drop in visitor numbers. GDP forecasts for next year vary, but are mostly within the 0-3% growth range. This would make 2009 the worst year since the 1997 Asia financial crisis.