Honda Motor will continue reduced production at its North American plants after flooding in Thailand disrupted the supply of some key electronic parts sourced from the country.

Honda Motor told the Wall Street Journal it would increase production at some plants above 50% up to and including 23 November after finding alternative supplies of parts unavailable due to flooding in Thailand. Production interruptions are likely to last several more weeks and the plants will be producing at 50% to 75% of normal levels, the report added

The production cuts may persist for some time with Honda saying that the ”situation will require adjustments for the next several weeks”, Kyodo News reported.

Honda, which has been reducing production in North America by up to half since early this month, said it would continue to temporarily adjust automobile production at all of its six four-wheel vehicle plants in the United States and Canada.

Honda will also stop production there on Friday (11 November) and on 18 November. It will decide its course of action for the period after 28 November based on the Thai situation.