Test World is expanding its service offering to include tyre testing using a skid trailer, co-operating with Applus+ Idiada to enhance its winter testing capabilities.

The test equipment captures tyre adherence measurements, behaviour and characteristics in snow and ice driving environments.

The skid trailer's tyre dynamics characterisation capabilities can register tyre response when exposed to forces and motions while free rolling and braking. The equipment is used for tyre characterisation by means of lateral, longitudinal and combined slip testing.

Test World's proving ground is positioned 300km north of the Finnish Arctic Circle, with outdoor snow and ice tracks. The skid trailer can be used in Test World's indoor winter test facilities, which operate 365 days a year.

The facilities allow for controlled and repeatable testing on ice, snow and wet and dry asphalt.

"Our skid trailer can perform tyre characterisation tests in indoor snow driving facilities, which makes it stand out against competitors' bulkier skid trailers," said Idiada's Vehicle Dynamics Department Tyre Development product manager," Joan Puig.