Tesla will bring back lower-priced versions of its Model S and X and upgrade its vehicles to improve range and recharging speed.

Tesla recently laid off workers including about half of those recruited to deliver cars in the US, and said it would close retail outlets to lower costs, Reuters noted. But it has said since it would keep higher-volume stores open and hike some model prices 3%.

According to the report, the upgrades include a new drivetrain and a new adaptive suspension, increasing each vehicle's driving range.

With the upgrades, the long-range Model S and X can now travel 370 miles (596km) and 325 miles, respectively, on the US Environmental Protection Agency cycle, Reuters said.

The lower-priced models, also known as standard range versions, of the Model X and S became available for purchase on Tesla's website for US$83,000 and $78,000, respectively. Estimated delivery of both cars was set for May.