Tesla is reportedly dropping Mobileye, a supplier to its Autopilot partial self-driving system, in the wake of an accident that killed a Tesla driver in May. The fatal accident involved a crash with a truck that crossed the Tesla Model S car’s path, the car failing to brake. Mobileye is a leading supplier of camera sensors for such systems.

Mobileye CTO Ammon Sashua made the announcement during an analyst call discussing the company’s latest financial results.

USA Today reported that Mobileye will continue to support and maintain current Tesla products, including upgrades that should help the Autopilot system with crash avoidance and to better allow the car steer itself.

However, Tesla CEO Elon Musk indicated that Tesla can go forward without Mobileye, leading to some speculation that it is working on its own solutions.

“Us parting ways was somewhat inevitable. There’s nothing unexpected here from our standpoint,” Musk reportedly said. “We’re committed to autonomy. They’ll go their way and we’ll go ours.”

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