Teralytics has raised US$17.5m in a round led by Robert Bosch Venture Capital (RBVC), alongside Deutsche Bahn Digital Ventures, Innogy Ventures, LBBW Venture Capital, Liil Ventures and existing investors, Atomico and Lakestar.

Teralytics is building mobility insights solutions powered by telecom network data to help cities and transport services understand, predict and improve people’s journeys.

The funding follows a period of growing commercial traction and expansion into more than ten countries. Teralytics now plans to expand its reach further to cover more than a billion journeys.

“We are delighted to have attracted such an outstanding syndicate of investors,” said Teralytics CEO, Alastair MacLeod.

“The group comprises both astute financial investors with track records and domain-relevant strategic partners; RBVC, Deutsche Bahn and Innogy.

“Human mobility is changing beyond recognition. The next ten years will bring a seismic shift in mobility technologies, comparable to the impact transistor and personal computer advancements had on miniaturisation and digitalisation.”

Cities worldwide are looking for ways to take advantage of these new technologies and services, while also coping with ageing mobility infrastructures. All of them need an understanding of how these impact their residents.

Zurich-based and with offices in New York and Singapore, Teralytics partners with telecom network operators to solve the challenge with the most accurate indicator of people’s movement – their mobile devices.

Teralytics is developing global mobility insights and analytics solutions for transport operators and planners, mobility services and cities to better understand how people travel and how new modes of transportation affect the entire transport network.