Taiwan new sales declined slightly in December 2020, to 45,505 units from strong year earlier sales of 45,925 units, according to local reports citing registration data compiled by the Directorate of Highways.

Sales last month were supported by the recent launch of the Toyota Corolla Cross, which has overtaken the RAV4 as the country's best selling model since deliveries began in October.

The market performed strongly last year with sales rising by 4% to a record 457,435 units, from 439,836 units in 2019, despite the economic damage the COVID-19 pandemic has caused across the world.

Imports increased by 2.7% to 215,687 units last year to account for over 47% of total sales, while sales of domestic production rose 5.2% to 241,748 units – underpinned by locally assembled models such as the Toyota Corolla Altis, Nissan Sentra, Ford Focus and more recently the Corolla Cross. 

Toyota reported a 3.3% sales rise to 123,516 vehicles last year, followed by Yulon Nissan with a 1.7% sales decline to 35,177 units, Honda 30,426 (-7.9%), Mercedes-Benz 29,654 (+1.4%), Ford 28,884 (+38.9%) and Mitsubishi 24,979 (+1.3%).