Taiwan's new vehicle market expanded by almost 14% to 46,332 units in November 2020 from strong year earlier sales of 40,705 units, according to local reports citing registration data compiled by the Directorate of Highways.

Sales last month were driven higher by new models, including the newly launched Toyota Corolla Cross which overtook the RAV4 as the country's best selling vehicle model with 5,319 deliveries.

Taiwan's vehicle market has performed strongly this year, particularly in view of the sharp declines seen elsewhere in Asia due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Sales in the first 11 months of the year increased by 4.6% to 411,930 units from 393,912 units in the same period of last year, putting the market on target for a record year in 2020.

Sales of imported vehicles rose by 4.4% to 196,129 units, while domestic sales increased by 4.7% to 215,801 units – with local output lifted by the recent launch of the Corolla Cross.

Toyota reported a 5.2% sales rise to 113,336 vehicles year to date, helped by strong demand for the Corolla, RAV4 and the Corolla Cross model, while Yulon Nissan sales fell by 3.2% to 30,973 units, Mercedes-Benz 27,477 (+3.6%), Honda 26,848 (-6.7%), Ford 25,089 (+34.6%) and Mitsubishi 22,591 (+2.1%).