New vehicle sales in Taiwan fell 6.2% to 31,375 units in September compared with 33,461 units a year earlier, according to local reports quoting industry sources.

Imports accounted for close to 48% of total vehicle sales last month, due to competitive pricing, but just 41% in the first nine months of the year.

Sales were down by over 14% compared with 36,575 units in August, due mainly to the annual 'ghost' month – the seventh month of the lunar calendar during which consumers tend to refrain from making major purchases. 

This year's down period for the market was between 22 August and 19 September with October sales expected to rebound as buyers return to the market

Toyota and Lexus distributor Hotai Motor sold 7,269 vehicles last month while Mitsubishi distributor China Motor Corporation reported 3,247 sales, Honda Motor 2,944 units, Mercedes-Benz 2,555 units and Yulon Nissan 2,345 units.

Sales in the first nine months of the year rose by just 0.9% to 326,504 units from 323,650 units in the same period of last year.