New vehicle sales in Taiwan in January declined 10.7% to 39,417 units from 44,143 units in the same month of 2019, according to local reports citing registration data compiled by the directorate of highways.

Sales were held back by far fewer working days in the month compared with a year earlier due to the Lunar New Year holidays and general elections.

Sales of imported vehicles declined by just 1.3% to 19,844 units from 20,108 units a year earlier, overtaking sales of locally produced vehicles which fell by close to 19% to 19,573 units from 24,035.

Last year, the vehicle market expanded by 1.1% to 439,836 units from 435,135 in 2018, driven by strong demand for imported vehicles mainly from Japan.

Toyota sales rose by 8.1% to 12,413 units last month, helped by strong demand for the RAV4 compact SUV, its best-selling model with 4,089 sales.

Nissan sales declined by over 13% to 3,202 units, Lexus (+84.4%), Mercedes-Benz 2,497 (-24.1%), Honda 2,040 (-42.1%) and Ford 2,033 units (+32.1%) followed.