Two weeks into his new role as President and CEO of the Chrysler Group, Tom LaSorda is reviewing the company’s operations in Taiwan, reinforcing its plans and commitment to the region.

“I believe there is tremendous potential to grow the brands of the Chrysler Group in Taiwan,” said LaSorda. “We have embarked on a worldwide product offensive with some of the most eye-catching vehicles on the road anywhere, and are continuing to look for opportunities to make them available to our customers here.”

Chrysler recently licensed China Motor Corporation (CMC) to build its minivan in Taiwan, and is also creating a joint venture between DaimlerChrysler Taiwan and CMC to manage sales and distribution of Chrysler Group vehicles for the local market.

LaSorda reviewed the preparation of the minivan production at CMC’s plant in Yangmei, and met with colleagues and executives at the new sales joint venture.

“Our partners at CMC are on track to begin producing Chrysler Group minivans next year at the high quality level our customers expect,” said LaSorda, after seeing the first prototype minivan. “And through the new sales company, we expect to triple the number of Chrysler retail outlets over the next two years.”

“The fact that Tom chose to visit Taiwan and CMC so early in his new role as CEO of the Chrysler Group underscores the importance of Chrysler’s plans in Taiwan, and the expansion of the cooperation between CMC and DaimlerChrysler,” said Mr. Kai Tai (Kenneth) Yen, Vice Chairman of CMC.