Japanese components supplier Tachi-S has announced it will start up a new seat covers production facility in the Mexican state of Aguascalientes for which it will invest US$4m and create 600 new jobs.

The new recruits will add to the workforce of 4,760 strong that already make Tachi-S one of the largest employers in Aguascalientes with six production facilities in the state. Additional plants are located in Zacatecas, Saltillo, Cuernavaca and Guadalajara.

The new plant, located in the Valley of Aguascalientes industrial park is scheduled to begin operations in March.

The plant will have an output capacity of 356,000 seat covers per year, of which 230,000 will be delivered to Toyota for its next Corolla program while the remaining 126,000 will be for the new Mazda3 whose production will begin in the near future at the automaker's assembly plant in Salamanca, Guanajuato.

Other customers Tachi-S serves are Nissan, Infiniti and Honda.