Switzerland’s H2 Mobility Association says the country has opened what it says is the world’s first Avia hydrogen filling station in St. Gallen.

Six hydrogen filling stations will cover the route between Lake Constance and Lake Geneva by the end of 2020, with mass production of green hydrogen in Switzerland using 100% renewable energy.

The first 50 hydrogen-electric commercial vehicles will be on the road in Switzerland by the end of 2020.

The Association adds the eco-mobility system is the result of collaboration between 21 Swiss companies from the transport, logistics and filling station industries, together with the country’s energy sector, representatives of the Swiss energy industry, an unnamed vehicle manufacturer with global operations and specialised companies in the hydrogen industry.

The first six hydrogen filling stations will be operational on the route between Lake Constance and Lake Geneva by the end of the year, with stations in St. Gallen, Rümlang, Hunzenschwil, Zofingen, Berne and Crissier. They will offer green hydrogen for commercial vehicles (350 bar) and cars (700 bar).

The scheme will be scaled up from 2021 to 2025 to include a total of 1,600 hydrogen-electric commercial vehicles and a widespread network of hydrogen filling stations (until 2023).