Goodyear and Siemens VDO Automotive Corporation have developed a new software program that can interpret tyre and vehicle data together, as part of the companies’ ongoing relationship.

The system delivers two types of messages – a “convenience” message and a “warning” message. A convenience message could result from detecting more weight than usual in the car and travelling at high speed. At the next stop for fuel, it suggests you should add air pressure to the tyres.

“The ‘warning’ message is more direct — it will indicate that you have reached a critical limit for air pressure in one or more tyres and ‘a calculated’ number of miles to correct the situation,” said Bill Hopkins, Goodyear vice president for global product marketing and technology planning. “The threshold can be a limit established by a law such as the United States’ TREAD Act, or any threshold setting established by the vehicle manufacturer,” Hopkins said.

“We deliver the information to the driver and Goodyear is providing the tyre performance information,” said John Sanderson, president and CEO of Siemens VDO Automotive Corporation. “The system draws on Goodyear’s expertise in tyres, tyre inflation pressure and temperature monitoring and interpretation. Siemens’ proficiency is in electronics, secured radio frequency transmission and vehicle system integration technologies,” Sanderson said.

“The Siemens VDO-Goodyear warning software can interpret a multitude of vehicle parameters and calculate a recommended tyre pressure based on data such as ambient temperature and pressure, tyre load, speed and driving habits,” Sanderson said. “The level of message will depend on current tyre inflation pressure, assessment of a pressure leak rate and the time and distance travelled since the pressure has been below the recommended level. This can be localised per tyre.”

The software is seen by the partners as the first step toward the next generation of tyre pressure monitoring systems which will be batteryless and tyre embedded as part of the total Siemens VDO / Goodyear Low Pressure Warning System targeted for automakers.

The software will also be available for sale to improve existing low-pressure warning systems.