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DaimlerChrysler’s stake in Mitsubishi Motors will fall to between 20% to 25% once its Japanese ally wraps up a capital injection, a top DaimlerChrysler official reportedly said on Monday.

Reuters noted that DC owned 37% before opting in April not to take part in the rescue plan for struggling Mitsubishi and added that DaimlerChrysler’s head of corporate development, Ruediger Grube, told the Automotive News Europe Congress details of the capital exercise are due to emerge on Wednesday.

“This will dilute our participation – it depends on convertible (debt) issues and so on – but I would like to say in the first step (to) roughly in the range of 20 to 25%,” he reportedly said.

Grube also said DaimlerChrysler’s disposal of its 10.4% stake in Hyundai Motor would be conducted within the next two years, Reuters added.