Volvo Cars has issued a  ‘Corporate and Sustainability Report’ and says that it is to start series production of plug-in hybrids in 2012.

The firm – about to be sold by Ford to Geely – says the continued drive towards sustainable mobility remains high up on the agenda and that ‘one example of this dedication is the decision to start series production of plug-in hybrids in 2012’.

“Our commitment goes beyond the tailpipe emissions of our cars – we believe that our responsibility starts with our supplier chain, through production, use and recycling, encompassing a holistic environmental approach,” says Stephen Odell, President and CEO.

The report highlights a number of Volvo initiatives including:

  • The introduction of seven DRIVe models, exceptionally fuel-efficient diesel cars with particularly low CO2 emissions;
  • The decision to start series production in 2012 of a plug-in hybrid that can be charged through an ordinary electrical outlet;
  • The introduction of the global innovation Pedestrian Detection – a technological solution to protect pedestrians in urban environments; initially, available in the all-new Volvo S60.

“The future we see ahead is one in which our cars do not crash and have no emissions that negatively impact the environment. And it’s not a question of if we get there – it’s a question of when,” says Stephen Odell.