Saab‘s main white collar union has filed an application for the automaker’s bankruptcy today (12 September), although its blue-collar counterparts have held back from taking the same hard-line stance.

Unionen has acted in concert with fellow Saab labour body Ledarnea ahead of an appeal today by the automaker against the refusal to grant it voluntary reorganisation.

“We have taken this decision because it is necessary to start the process,” Unionen chief legal adviser Martin Waestfelt told just-auto from Sweden. “If the higher Court will change the [reorganisation] decision, it will overrule our complaint for bankruptcy.

“Every day the risk for our members’ salaries will get higher. We think it is necessary to take this action to break the time that is going on.”

For its part IF Metall held a meeting this morning at which its members said they did not want to file for Saab’s bankruptcy.

“We re-evaluate every day more less depending on what comes in,” an IF Metall spokeswoman in Sweden told just-auto. “The last few weeks – it is now weeks – we have taken this day by day.

“It is hard to say if we will make a new decision today. It depends on what our members say. Our local representative spoked to [Saab CEO] Victor Muller last night – he got assurances Saab would appeal the Court’s decision about bankruptcy protection.”