Scania says that it will introduce a wide range of engines that meet the Euro 4 emissions standard coming into force throughout the EU from October next year. In addition, engine versions complying with the 2009 requirements (Euro 5) will be launched in 2006.

All the new Scania products will be shown at the international truck exhibition in Amsterdam on 14-22 October.

From autumn 2005, Scania’s customers will have a choice of Euro 3, Euro 4 and Euro 5 compatibility in an engine range comprising 21 variants.

For Euro 4, Scania uses EGR technology (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) on all its inline five- and six-cylinder engine units.

For its V8 engines Scania uses SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) technology to ensure cooling capacity and the very highest performance in all situations.

Next year Scania will offer a Euro 5 version of its 12-litre and 16-litre engines These units have been developed primarily to meet the demand from customers operating across Germany who will benefit from the reduced motorway tolls being offered as an incentive until 2009. In 2006 Scania will also launch a 9-litre Euro 5 engine intended mainly for city buses.

After 15 years, Scania’s entire gearbox range will be replaced in 2006. The new gearboxes are part of Scania’s optimised powertrains that allow customers to tailor their vehicles to suit a wide variety of transport needs, the company says.

Despite higher torque capacity to suit the more powerful new engines, a weight saving of up to 69 kg has been achieved depending on configuration, Scania adds.