One of Saab’s major unions is confident its members will be paid for August following today’s (15 August) announcement the automaker has issued a subscription notice for four million shares though GEM Global Yield Fund.

Unionen – along with Sveriges Ingengorer, Ledarna and IF Metall – met Saab CEO Victor Muller last week, where it is believed the salary issue formed part of the discussion. Saab was not able to pay its white-collar staff July wages until recently.

“We think we will be paid for August,” Unionen chief legal adviser Martin Waestfelt told just-auto from Sweden. “It is very important to have employees’ loyalty – we have to give them good information and first information – we hope it will be better.

“I think Saab understands our message – we have to say employees are very important and their loyalty is very important for the future – the company must give this high priority.”

Despite the uncertainty surrounding salary payments – and Saab also had wage issues with blue-collar worker wages in June – the Unionen chief legal adviser said his members were continuing to work at the Trollhattan factory.

Saab has previously mooted a restart date of 29 August following extensive stoppages due to supplier issues, but no further details are yet available if this will happen.

“Our members are still working as normal – of course this summer you can’t say it is normal…no-one of our members has stayed at home. A big majority of white-collar [staff] have a lot of duties to do every day.”

Saab earlier declined to reveal whether the four million share subscription notice would cover the August wage bill, with a statement noting: “The exact number of shares to be issued and the price thereof will depend on the pricing period which commences today.”