Saab says it has reached agreement with a “large number” of its suppliers as the automaker attempts to restart production by 9 August.

The Swedish manufacturer’s Trollhattan plant remains shuttered after briefly beginning work a few weeks ago, with one of the key issues being payments to suppliers, although it is not clear how many component makers have agreed to Saab’s proposals.

“We have several hundred suppliers that deliver into production and we have come to an agreement with a large number of them,” a Saab spokeswoman told just-auto from Sweden.

“We are not getting specific about the numbers or the percentage or anything like that, but a large portion of our suppliers, we have come to an agreement with.

Insisting that “progress is being made all the time,” the Saab spokeswoman reiterated the aim was to start production again on 9 August.

“The 9 August is our ambition, what we are aiming for,” she said. “Whether we will succeed, that remains to be seen, but that is what we are working towards.”

The automaker also remains confident it will be able to pay its workforce for July, after briefly being late with payment for June. “We would certainly not [want] to fall into that situation where can’t pay our employees,” said the spokeswoman.

Scandinavian automotive supplier organisation FKG was not immediately available for comment.