Saab Automobile Parts says its recent acquisition of former subsidiaries in Spain and Italy will be swiftly followed by others, most likely in France and Germany by year-end.

The parts supplier bought the Spanish and Italian companies from the Saab Automobile bankruptcy estate last month and it now appears almost certain its French and German counterparts will follow suit.

“We are looking into other Saab main markets and we look to have at least the 10-12 biggest Saab markets under our own control,” Saab Automobile Parts CEO, Lennart Stahl, told just-auto from the company’s headquarters in Nyköping, one hour south of Stockholm.

“We probably think there will be other markets like Germany and France we will start. We are working on it currently and I am quite convinced it will happen by the final quarter of this year.

“We have 1.5m Saabs around the world, so we have a big opportunity – our opportunity is to get all the older cars into our repair shops.”

Saab Automobile Parts is currently transitioning from the bankruptcy estate to either the Swedish Finance Ministry or National Debt Office, a process that should be completed in three or four weeks from now.

That will place the component company under the tutelage of a Swedish government department responsible for around 50-60 State-owned industries, but Stockholm is already experienced in supervising the business.

“Half of the board are people from the National Debt Office for the entire year [already],” said Stahl. “They are aware of the company and aware of the future business.”

Earlier this year, Saab Automobile Parts formed subsidiaries in the UK and in North America and established a new sales and marketing office in Trollhättan.
“We work with sales and distribution of spare parts in more than 60 markets, and it is an ongoing process to review and develop our business opportunities,” said Stahl.