Saab ‘s main engineering union says the decision by its members to stay working at the beleaguered automaker despite more favourable employment opportunities elsewhere, shows the company has a viable future.

Sveriges Ingenjorer notes Sweden is enjoying a particularly favourable climate at the moment for engineers, but is praising the loyalty of its members in continuing to work at troubled Saab following late July salary payments and uncertainty surrounding August wages.

The manufacturer yesterday (15 August) announced a subscription notice for four million shares though GEM Global Yield Fund that could cover August salaries, while frenetic negotiations continue to take place with a slew of potential investors to secure the automaker’s future.

“The situation for engineers in Sweden is very good and they could get a job at any place in Sweden,” a Sveriges Ingenjorer spokesman in Stockholm told just-auto.

“But the engineers believe in Saab and want to be there in the first place. Our members have a big interest in Saab – they want to work hard there.”

Previous estimates by Saab indicate the production lines could roll again on 29 August after several months of frustrating stop-starts, but there has been no firm indication from the company this might happen.

Saab has been embroiled in complicated negotiations with potentially hundreds of suppliers in order to settle payment terms, while at same time seeking investment from Chinese distributor Pang Da and manufacturer, Youngman.

“Saab is like a cat with nine lives,” said the Sveriges Ingenjorer spokesman. “It has taken so many [knocks], but comes back on its feet again against the odds.

“Our members strongly believe, they are very loyal to this company.”

Sveriges Ingenjorer has around 400 members at Saab’s Trollhattan plant.