Here we go again. After due forewarning, Saab owner Swedish Automobile confirmed August’s wages for Saab’s blue collar workers have been delayed and there is a risk white-collar employees will not receive salaries as planned on Friday.

“We are working very intensively on getting the necessary funding in but there is no definite date for when the salaries will be paid,” Saab spokeswoman Gunilla Gustavs told Reuters.

Asked if the carmaker planned to file for bankruptcy, Gustavs said: “We are working intensively on fixing the situation with the aim to pay all the short-term costs and get back to production as soon as possible.”

Gustavs said Saab was holding talks with the Enforcement Agency, which has seized some assets, and with unions.

Saab unions have said they will demand bankruptcy if they were not paid within seven days of formally demanding wages. If bankruptcy was approved, a state guarantee on salaries kicks in.

“They have to follow the process to act in the best interest of their members,” Gustavs said. “We have an active dialogue with them.”