Volvo Buses has so far this year received two orders for 118 city bus chassis for use in Thessaloniki, Greece.

The Olympic games in Athens boosted total bus sales in Greece. Last year, 174 Volvo buses were registered there, which was considerably more than usual, for a market share of 24%.

City bus company OASTH in Thessaloniki has now ordered a total of 118 Volvo bus chassis this year. Last spring it ordered 56 articulated B7LA bus chassis to be delivered over a year. Greek firm Elbo will make the coach bodies.

The company recently ordered a further 62 bus chassis, this time the B7L chassis for single buses. Elbo will also build these and delivery will be during the winter and spring next year.

“We have a very good relationship with OASTH, and its fleet is almost 75% Volvo buses,” said Bas Dubois, Volvo Buses’ sales representative for the Greek market.

The order was placed through the Volvo Bus importer in Greece, Saracakis Brothers SA.