Volvo has fitted a lane departure warning system as one of the features on the new Volvo Safety Concept Car (SCC). The ‘AutoVue’ system is supplied by Iteris Inc., a subsidiary of Odetics Inc.

With a main theme of “superior vision,” the Volvo SCC employs a variety of technologies that enhance personal security and improve passive and active safety systems.

Lane departures are a serious problem with serious consequences. Statistically, lane departures were listed as a factor in 42.31% of all the fatal accidents in the United States in 2000.

The AutoVue system is intended to compliment the way drivers operate their vehicles. By detecting unintentional departures through common driving habits and filtering out warnings when the vehicle is operated in a normal fashion, AutoVue gives drivers more information at a time when they may be distracted or otherwise unaware of the impending departure.

The Volvo SCC has been equipped with a range of future-generation systems designed to give the driver increased control and better preconditions for making the right decisions in difficult traffic situations.

Another enhancement of the SCC automatically adapts to the location of the driver’s eyes and his or her body size, while advanced technology provides improved vision in every direction, both in daylight and when driving at night.

“The Volvo Safety Concept Car is a vision of the developments in safety that car buyers can enjoy in the future. It is also evidence that Volvo Cars and the Ford Motor Co. are at the leading edge of the development of technology for safer driving,” said Stefan Nilsson, head of Volvo Cars Safety Center.

Roughly 90 percent of all vital driver information takes the form of visual input through the windscreen and windows of the car. If the quality of this visual information improves, the driver also improves his or her chances of avoiding a collision.

With the Safety Concept Car, the Volvo Car Corp. and Ford Motor Co. are demonstrating the viability of the latest vision-enhancing safety technologies. It also reinforces the core values of safety and solidity that are part of the Volvo car brand ethos.