Saab‘s main blue-collar union says unless the automaker is allowed appeal to review its voluntary reorganisation rejection by 20 September, it will take the “painful decision” to file for its bankruptcy.

The move by the Union, which represents around 1,500 members, was taken today (16 September) following a video conference meeting between IF Metall officers in Stockholm and Saab representatives in Trollhättan.

“We still hope the Court of Appeal grants leave to appeal quickly and they come with a vengeance on the reorganisation,” said a joint statement from IF Metall federal chairman Stefan Lofven and local representative Hakan Scott. “It is our firm conviction Saab should get a respite. Saab should be given a fair chance to be tested professionally by an administrator and not risk being cut down after a bankruptcy, where thousands of jobs [are] at risk.
“Although we know there are wealthy interests who believe in Saab’s opportunities with long-term business plans, we are forced to the painful decision to call for Saab in bankruptcy to secure members’ pay.”
IF Metall’s members have been without salaries since 25 August. Through an agreement with Swedbank, members could have applied for an emergency loan of up to SEK30 000 (US$4,500).
“We at the club are aware that there may be members who, despite a more generous credit check can not get loans,” said Scott. “Nobody should have to go without food and money.”

IF Metall members’ salaries were due on 26 August, after which Saab had seven days to pay, which did not occur. The union noted it then had three weeks after that date to file for bankruptcy if wages were not settled, that is, before 23 September.