Saab‘s main union chairman, who resigned from the automaker’s board yesterday (27 June), is remaining tight-lipped as to why he left at the same time as the other principal labour body head.

IF Metall Saab chairman at Trollhattan, Hakan Skott, and Unionen board member, Anette Hellgren, both resigned their posts as Saab’s plant remained shuttered in the teeth of supplier payment difficulties.

“We have taken [an] individual decision to leave the board and, for me, it is because of personal reasons,” Skott told just-auto from Sweden.

“Of course we talk to each other but I decide for me and Anette for her. It was our individual decision to leave the board.”

Skott confirmed there would be no board representation for the time being although he insisted there was no obligation to have a seat, but rather “a right”.

The IF Metall chairman said his members – numbering around 1,000 – were at home today (28 June), and would be for the rest of the week, but maintained morale was “very good.”

A Saab spokeswoman confirmed the departure of both union representatives now only left Saab CEO Victor Muller on the board although its structure would be reviewed in the future.

“However [Saab parent] Swedish Automobiles has a supervisory board as well, so it is not only Victor Muller who takes all the important decisions,” she told just-auto.

Saab today (28 June) outlined a US$39.3m cash injection from a Swedish consortium led by Hemfosa in a property sale and lease-back deal that will shore up the struggling automaker’s liquidity,

It comes on top of yesterday’s agreement with an unnamed Chinese investor which bought 582 vehicles at a value of EUR13m.

Precise details of when the Hemfosa-led consortium’s money would be banked are as yet unclear.