Swedish government officials are declining to confirm a delegation is on its way to Detroit to meet General Motors, as Saab looks to find way through the ownership issue with its former parent.

The speculation a delegation – possibly including Saab administrator Guy Lofalk – is heading to the US – comes as the Swedish manufacturer rapidly approaches the deadline for its next wage bill due to almost 4,000 employees.

“That may be the case the Swedish government is going to Detroit – it depends on developments,” a Saab spokesman in Sweden told just-auto. “We have no idea how the delegation will look at this point.”

The Swedish government retains a strong interest in seeing Saab emerge from its financial crisis as it is the guarantor of a EUR280m (US$379m) loan from the European Investment Bank and has already paid three months of salaries to the manufacturer’s employees following its entry into bankruptcy protection.

“I cannot confirm or deny that [Detroit visit] because the Swedish government never comments on specific meetings taking place or not,” a Swedish Enterprise Ministry spokeswoman told just-auto. “Our normal procedure is we do not make comments on formal meetings.

“The process continues and Saab and the Chinese are in negotiations – later on this week it is time for the salaries to the employees so we are following the process carefully.”

There have been suggestions that Youngman, which along with Pang Da, is looking to acquire Saab, has paid the November wages, but no-one at the Chinese manufacturer was immediately available for comment.

Saab has submitted new information to GM concerning the proposed ownership structure with the issue hinging on continued agreement from the US manufacturer of its technology licencing deals and the supply of 9-4X crossover vehicles.

“At least we hope to get feedback this week,” the Saab spokesman said. “There is also Thanksgiving this week, so we hope we have some clarity before that.”

The Saab spokesman noted GM’s facebook site had been “completely bombarded by Saab fans,” from across the world.