Atlas Copco Industrial Tools and Equipment has launched a range of innovative control systems for tightening tools, aimed primarily at assembly lines in the motor vehicle industry (MVI). The new modular system, Power Focus 3000, was designed for communication and data management via the Internet, making monitoring and controls possible from anywhere in the world.

"Thanks to the possibility
to use Internet communication, you can monitor a car being assembled in Germany,
online, from the U.S.,” says Peter Moller, President of Atlas Copco’s Industrial
Tools and Equipment division. "We are pleased that three major car producers
have already built new assembly plants based on this control system.” The web
interface of Power Focus 3000 makes it easy to view and collect data using the
Internet infrastructure. Thus, car manufacturers can now gather information
from production sites all over the world, simply using a web browser and an
Internet connection. Until now, monitoring process performance was a manual
operation, in which each system had to be monitored individually, on-site.

"The ease of communication
will also revolutionize after sales operations. Atlas Copco’s service people
can troubleshoot and correct problems via the Internet, and only need to send
someone out on-site if absolutely necessary.” Correct fastening of screws and
bolts is critical for the safety of cars and trucks. Power Focus 3000 is a modular
range of control systems for tightening tools on a car assembly line. The modularity
opens new markets beyond the core MVI applications, both in the general industry
and for other, more advanced, applications within car assembly. Atlas Copco
Industrial Tools and Equipment, a division within the Atlas Copco Group, is
a leading manufacturer of industrial power tools and assembly systems. As a
leading global supplier the division has its main customer base in the motor
vehicle industry, and the general engineering industry. Additional information
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