Hitachi Automotive Systems said its stereo camera, which enables the detection of pedestrians at night, has been chosen by Suzuki Motor Corporation for the Every light commercial vehicle and wagon light passenger vehicle derivatives.

Sales of the vehicles began this month as a model line update with additional safety functions.

In Japan, where light vehicles account for nearly 40% of new vehicle sales, it is expected that the number of light vehicles equipped with such sensors will increase in line with growing user demand.

The Suzuki vehicles are equipped with Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) functionality, such as lane departure warnings, lane sway warnings and lead vehicle start alerts. They also have a collision avoidance braking function that can detect pedestrians at night, the same function that has been adopted by for the Solio models which also use the Hitachi stereo cameras. Using claimed unique machine learning technology, large numbers of images are input as training data into the stereo camera, making it possible to detect pedestrians at night with a level of precision previously impossible.