Toyoda Gosei has invested in Japanese startup Pyrenee which develops driving assistance devices.

The dashboard mounted devices detects pedestrians and other vehicles and predicts movement using AI.

If there is a risk of collision, it notifies the driver by voice.

The device also has a camera fitted to monitor the driver’s eyes and face to recognise whether the driver is tired or looking away and alerts the driver by name or with loud noises.

Pyrenee said the device can also send emergency messages to family members or a workplace if a dangerous situation was to occur.

Data is collected collected in the cloud to ensure the device is constantly learning and improving.

Toyoda Gosei said investment would help “reduce traffic accidents through a comprehensive approach of combining passive safety and preventive safety, reducing injuries/deaths in case of traffic accidents and preventing traffic accidents caused by driver neglect and other human errors”.

The company will integrate the technology into its safety systems and interior products.

Investment value was not disclosed.