Sumitomo Rubber Industries has opened a new testing facility at one of its main development bases for winter tyres at the Nayoro Tyre Proving Ground in Nayoro City, Hokkaido.

The Nayoro Indoor ICE Field (NICE) is one of the largest indoor on-ice tyre testing facilities in Japan, featuring a 100m braking test course as well as a 30x30m (approximate) turning test course.

The facility allows for on-ice testing regardless of weather conditions.

“NICE now ranks among the largest indoor on-ice tyre testing facilities in all of Japan,” said Sumitomo Rubber Industries president, Satoru Yamamoto.

“So we can get the most out of this new facility in order to provide the world’s best winter tyres from right here in Nayoro to countless satisfied customers all over the world, our employees will be working hard on united efforts to put this facility to good use toward more robust tyre development.”

Sumitomo Rubber Industries owns and operates three tyre proving grounds in Japan: Okayama Tyre Proving Grounds, as well as the Nayoro and Asahikawa Tyre Proving Grounds, which are both used in the development of winter tyres.

Featuring an ice test course, a compacted snow test course and more, the Nayoro Tyre Proving Ground is used for a range of testing and analysis.