Subaru Corporation said it aimed to launch vehicles equipped with Level 2 autonomous driving technology that are able to self drive on ordinary roads in the second half of the 2020s, according to local reports citing company officials.

Level 2 autonomous technologies allow vehicles to steer, accelerate and slow down independently although drivers are required to be behind the wheel at all times and be ready to intervene in case of an emergency.

Several Japanese automakers, including Toyota, Honda and Nissan, already offer such systems for use on the country’s expressways.

Developing the technology for use on ordinary roads is a much bigger challenge however, due to the need to respond to more unexpected scenarios including pedestrians crossing the road.

The automaker said its new generation Level 2 technology would use its EyeSight Driver Assist Technology and artificial intelligence which take into account a broader range of road users and recognise traffic lanes even when white lines cannot be seen.