Stellantis via FCA Italy, with co-ordination by the e-mobility business unit) and TheF Charging have announced the signing of a partnership agreement to create a European public charging network accessible to all electric vehicles, with exclusive conditions for Stellantis customers.

With the aim of creating a vast European network to promote electric and electrified mobility, and with great attention to optimising the user experience, the two companies have therefore identified over 1,000 owners or operators of locations across the whole of Europe.

Facilities will be built to fulfil customers’ main charging requirements: in city centres, at public institutions (eg hospitals and schools), at transport hubs (airports, railway stations, ports), at leisure amenities (sports and wellness centres, hotels, restaurants), and at retail outlets – over 15,000 locations in Europe with 2m parking spaces.

These  locations will form part of the charging network, to be jointly developed and promoted by Stellantis and TheF Charging until at least 2025. The network start is expected this year with the installation of the first quick charging stations in Italy, then the network will expand to the whole of Europe.

Under the co-operation agreement, Stellantis and TheF Charging will also be pursuing the goal of creating a charging network that offers carbon-free energy, with the ambition to extend this approach to the entire value chain.

The partnership between Stellantis and TheF Charging will also involve as a potential hardware provider Free2Move eSolutions, the Stellantis-NHOA joint venture focused on offering e-mobility products and services.

The agreement between Stellantis and TheF Charging also states that the two companies will constantly co-operate to update the services offered by the charging network, pooling their know-how to define charging solutions and energy services customised according to the business managed in the locations that will host the network.

Stellantis and TheF Charging will actively involve the customers, owners and operators of the locations selected, to define tailor-made solutions for each type of location and clientele. The goal is to create a widespread ecosystem at a European level, to guarantee constant customer satisfaction, based on a straightforward and intuitive charging experience.