Renault-Nissan Alliance and renewable energy specialist Acciona signed an agreement today (30 March) to promote the adoption of electric vehicles in Spain.

Acciona, in collaboration with its technology colleagues Indra and Ingeteam, has created SIRVE – intelligent system for electric vehicle charging – which includes the installation of charging points in various locations such as homes, company headquarters, car parks and public areas.

This network is to be managed by an internet-based open platform.

The alliance will ensure the network is compatible with electric vehicles and their navigation systems, so available charging points can be identified.

The charging system will be included in the package sold with the vehicles.

Acciona says it will provide the basic charging services such as charging point location information in the vehicle’s navigation system and the sending of information to mobile phones about the battery’s charging state or incidents.

In October last year Renault announced that the production model derived from the Twizy ZE Concept would be manufactured at its Valladolid plant in Spain.

Several months later, the first alliance agreement was signed for vehicle tests with the Regional Council of Andalusia, followed by an agreement this month with the Regional Council of Castilla y León.

The Alliance has also signed more than 50 agreements worldwide, aimed at developing electric vehicles for as early as 2010 and marketing these vehicles widely from 2012.

Acciona has equally inked a cooperation agreement with the ministry of industry for the
promotion of electric vehicles and is a founding member of FOREVE, the Spanish forum for electric vehicles.

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