Around 3,000 people demonstrated on Sunday outside the Spanish headquarters of components maker Delphi in a protest against the company’s plans to lay off up to 1,600 workers.

Unions at the Puerto Real site near the southern city of Cadiz said some 4,000 additional jobs indirectly linked to the site could be affected by the impending closure, Agence France Presse (AFP) reported, citing Spanish media.

“This is an impressive turnout, people have come from all across the region,” chairman of the Puerto Real workers’ council Antonio Pina told the Europa Press news agency.

Pina reportedly added employees still had no “official” news on their futures as regional politicians try to obtain redundancy guarantees from Delphi.

The workers and their supporters are due to stage a rally in Cadiz on Thursday, and intend to appeal for help from local authorities, AFP said.

The report cited the company as saying last week that the plant – which supplies automakers such as Volvo, Ford, General Motors, Nissan, Mercedes Benz, KIA and Renault – has racked up operating losses of $US197m (EUR150m) over the past five years and it could not justify keeping the site open.

Delphi said it had therefore “set in motion … the necessary procedures to close the plant”, AFP added.